We offer Eftpos rental contracts through TotalPOS Rentals Limited.


Points to note:

  • At the end of the rental period you will have the option to continue using the equipment, to upgrade all or part of the system, or to return the equipment to us
  • Any necessary software upgrades for eftpos terminals are included in the rental price. (Note that this may not apply to rentals offered by other providers).
  • Rental fees are paid monthly in advance by direct debit from your account.
  • Rentals are available for reconditioned equipment.
  • Within our Christchurch and Nelson local service areas, we provide an on-site service level from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excludes public holidays). After hours on-site support can be provided subject to availability, however charges will apply. You can find a schedule of fees here.
  • Outside of our on-site service areas, we have a return to base (you bring to us), and/or courier swapout service level.
  • No deposit is required with a rental, and rental fees are 100% tax-deductible as a cost to your business.
    Please click here to see a copy of our rental contract terms & conditions.



Total POS Solutions provides its rental customers with telephone support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. As part of your rental contract you will have free of charge access to service and support on the following basis:

Return to Base Service Level
Requires the equipment to be returned to TotalPOS Solutions for service during business hours – 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excludes public holidays).

  • Direct access to TotalPOS technicians during business hours and via a paged service outside of normal business hours.
  • Replacement equipment in the case of hardware failure either via courier swap out or collection from our office. Any courier charges are at TotalPOS Solutions cost.
  • Phone support for terminal operation, for example, how to process transactions.
  • Technical support to ascertain cause of terminal fault (please note that this only covers issues where the terminal is at fault and not external issues such as faulty phone lines or loss of IP connectivity. Correction of the external connectivity fault is the responsibility of the customer).
  • The option for on site service. If a technician is required on site you will be charged for the time required to travel to and from the site.

On Site Service Level (within local service areas as specified below)
Free of charge on site service 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excludes public holidays), subject to availability. Plus 24/7 phone support, and all of the return to base benefits.
If a technician is required on site outside of these hours you will be charged for the time required to travel to and from the site.

Please note:
Our free of charge service and support cover only those problems which would normally be covered by manufacturer’s equipment warranty.
Problems specifically not covered by our Return to Base and On Site service levels include:

  • Any form of liquid spillage which affects the terminal.
  • Any form of physical damage caused to the terminal (such as damage caused by the terminal or any part of it being dropped, hit, thrown, or otherwise damaged by an external agent) including power surge.
  • Problems caused by operator error.
  • Any connectivity issues experienced due to faulty phone lines/loss of internet or GPRS coverage.
  • Any service and/or support provided for the above problems, including on occasions where problems reported to us as having been caused by equipment failure that are subsequently shown to be due to one of the above causes.


Businesses situated within the local area service zone: 24/7 telephone support and full on-site service when required (either covered by your on site service agreement, or chargeable if you have a return to base service agreement but request a technician on site).
Businesses outside the local area service zone: 24/7 telephone support and next business day courier swap-out of faulty terminals.
Our local area service zone in Christchurch is an area centred in Christchurch and bounded by a line on the map that starts on the coast south of Christchurch at Teddington (top of Lyttelton harbour) and includes Lincoln, Rolleston, West Melton and Rangiora before hitting the coast again north of Christchurch at Woodend. In Nelson it is an area centered in Richmond covering Nelson Central, Richmond, Motueka, Brightwater, and Wakefield.