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  • What EFTPOS Networks are available in New Zealand?

    Currently there are two networks available – Paymark and Verifone NZ. Paymark who process approx. 80% of all EFTPOS transactions are currently providing merchant EFTPOS connections to BNZ, ASB , Westpac, ANZ and Kiwi bank. The Verifone NZ network is owned by VeriFone NZ Ltd with ANZ providing the merchant connections, however other banks are soon to come online and be able to process via the Verifone Network as well. Your connection to the either network is through your merchant services provider (one of the major banks). Please note that while you may choose to connect to the EFTPOS network that is owned by your bank, this is not obligatory and you can connect to either network via any of the banks offering merchant services – your EFTPOS and credit card receipts will still go to your bank account even if it is with another bank. We recommend you shop around when choosing or reviewing your merchant services, particularly if you want to accept credit cards as you may be able to obtain a better deal at another bank. Please contact us for further information or to learn what deals might be available.

  • What is Software version 6.1, 2014, 2015, 2016 and PCI 1.3 and PCI 3.x etc?

    To combat fraud, the software in EFTPOS terminals is regularly upgraded. At any given time, there will be several versions of software which are current, with each version having a “sunset” date beyond which it will not be allowed to work on the network. Most terminals when sold new are capable of being upgraded at least once, however the changing security requirements over time means that the terminal will eventually reach a stage where it cannot longer be upgraded to a new version. Furthermore, there are some versions of software which, while still being able to be used on the network by merchants who already have terminals with that version, cannot be sold to new merchants. For these reasons it is very important to check when purchasing or renting a terminal (particularly if it is second hand): 1. That it will be able to be upgraded to a future version as some of the terminals currently working on the network have only a limited future life. 2. If you are a new merchant you should ensure you only buy/ rent a terminal with the latest version of software. If you rent, you should ensure that your rental contract includes the costs of any necessary upgrades and software compliance fees. The latest terminal software specification currently in the market is Version 2015 PCI 3.x. It sets a new standard for EFTPOS terminal processing. As well as greater transaction and card processing security, it supports features such as chip and pin processing, Tap and Go technology (contactless), broadband connectivity support, enhanced message encryption and new offline processing capabilities.

  • How often should I upgrade my EFTPOS terminal?

    Visa/Mastercard/Europay and the banks determine what the dates are for when EFTPOS machines need to comply with security updates and new software versions. These will continue to change over the coming years with businesses being advised of the dates of when they must have a compliant terminal. Total POS offers the latest software available and can discuss the benefits/costs of either purchasing or renting EFTPOS equipment.

  • Which service level is covered by my TotalPOS rental agreement?

    We have two main types of rental agreements. On-site service rental contracts, and cheaper “return to base” rental agreements. On-site rental agreements (only available in Christchurch city and nearby areas) means we will visit your site 365 days a year between 7.30am and 9.00pm with no call-out/visit costs. In most cases the repairs/exchange of equipment are at no cost to you. We also provide an after-hours service where call-out fees will apply. Return to base gives you the option to either bring or send the equipment to us for servicing/repairs or have our service technicians (for a small fee) provide on-site service. If you buy from TotalPOS, we will also provide you with a loan terminal for a small fee while yours is being repaired.

  • What are the costs in setting up and operating an EFTPOS terminal?

    There are two sides to setting up an EFTPOS facility – the hardware cost and the bank setup fees. Hardware (your EFTPOS terminal). The cost depends on whether you choose to: • rent a terminal (monthly rental for a specific period) or • purchase a unit (one-off initial cost and then a monthly manufacturer Software compliance fee from then onwards). In addition, If you also choose a different connection such as GPRS then monthly connection fees apply. Bank setup fees. -Depending upon your bank, the following fees may apply: • Setup/Application fee – one-off • EFTPOS network helpdesk fee, currently $13.50 + gst per month per terminal – includes IP/Broadband terminal connection access. Dial up terminals incur a $9.95+gst per month connection fee charged by Paymark or a backup dial charge of $6.95 per month . • EFTPOS transactions – no transaction charges apply • Credit card transactions – a merchant credit card fee will apply. Fees vary but are charged as a percentage – e.g. 2% of all Visa/Mastercard transactions. Contact TotalPOS for advice on how to get the best deal.

  • How do I change the time on my EFTPOS terminal once daylight saving starts or stops?

    All you have to do is log your machine on to the network and the time will be automatically updated. Or you can wait until you do the first transaction of the day when it will update.

  • How do I change the name and address details that show at the top of my EFTPOS receipts?

    This information is not stored in your EFTPOS machine. It is downloaded from the network, so to make any changes you need to contact your merchant services provider (usually your bank) or Paymark 0800 800996. If you require additional information at the bottom of the receipt, then please contact TotalPOS for a custom header / footer.