Equipment, Software and Short Term Rentals

Our standard payment terms for all equipment are:

  1. Payment via EFTPOS/Credit Card prior to delivery.


  1. Direct Credit PRIOR to delivery/despatch – note the money must be in our account prior to delivery which means the transfer must be done at least 1 working day beforehand OR
  2. Finance through Flexigroup or other finance company.  Necessary approval from the finance company must be in place prior to installation/shipment of the equipment and an invoice for the equipment dated on the day of installation will be created no later than the day after installation.



Items such as paper rolls, ribbons, labels , wetcovers and service work may be charged to an account (if held) , otherwise payment is required in advance prior to dispatch or upon collection.



Equipment Repairs.

  1. All prices quoted below and elsewhere are GST exclusive.


  1. Payment for all repairs (including parts, labour, travel time and any replacement equipment) is due on or before collection/delivery of the equipment.

Labour charges:

Workshop service: Minimum charge $30.00 up to 15 minutes, thereafter $2.00/minute

On-site service: Minimum charge $30.00 up to 15 minutes, thereafter $2.00/minute, with travel time in both directions being included in the time charged.


  1. Any equipment (whether it has been repaired or not) which is left with us for a period of more than 2 months will be sold to recover labour, parts, storage and administration costs.


  1. An inspection fee of $50 (minimum), payable in advance, will be charged for:
  • any customers who do not have an account with us OR
  • any equipment not sold new by us within the last 5 years OR
  • any equipment which appears to us to be so badly damaged as to be uneconomic to repair

This fee will be credited against the cost of any repairs to the equipment concerned, or against the cost of any replacement equipment purchased from us within 30 days of the date the inspection fee was charged.


  1. 5. We no longer service cash registers which are not Casio or Sam4 brand. Please note that any Sam 4 requiring servicing must have been purchased from TotalPOS. 
  2. Where hire or relief equipment has been provided by us, there will be no charge for the first 14 days provided that the equipment is repaired or replaced by us. However, if you decide not to repair the equipment or if you choose to purchase replacement equipment from another supplier, our standard short term rental costs plus any call out fee will be charged from the time the hire equipment is supplied until it is returned to us.  Our standard short term rental charges will apply in all cases after 14 days unless specifically agreed otherwise by us in advance.


  1. You are responsible for the cost of any repairs or damage (no matter how it is caused) which is caused to relief or hire equipment from the time of delivery until it is returned to us, including any damage which occurs while the equipment is in transit from you to us. You are also responsible for the costs of returning hire equipment to us, whether or not a fee has been charged by us.


  1. Any equipment specifically manufactured or modified to your requirements is not returnable for credit.


  1. Where a deposit is made to secure goods or to enable us to order them from our supplier, we reserve the right to recover costs for direct or indirect costs incurred including a re-stocking fee and charges for any programming or other work carried out should you decide not to proceed with purchase of the goods.


  1. The Cash Register Doctor Ltd shall not be liable to purchaser or to any other person for any accidental, special, direct, indirect or consequential damages, whether in contract or in tort, including loss of profit, loss of plant or equipment and loss of production that arise from any work done by us.