Casio Cash Registers

Total POS Solutions is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Casio cash registers for Christchurch, mid and north Canterbury and Westland.


Casio is New Zealand’s leading cash register brand by far, thanks to:

  • Advanced features for all types of businesses
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Ease of use for operators and managers
  • Specialised features for the NZ market such as rounding to 10 cents with the option to round 5 cents up or down


We stock the full range of Casio cash registers and have them set up in our showroom with demonstration programs so we can help you choose the correct model for your needs.

Basic Models

Learn about our Basic Models of Cash Registers.

Mid-Range Models

Learn about our Mid-Range Models of Cash Registers.

Touch Screen Cash Registers

Technology and style meet, in the new Casio Android POS terminal.