Eftpos Software Compliance Fee

There is a mandatory monthly Eftpos compliance fee for every Eftpos terminal. This fee is already included in our rental contracts. If an Eftpos terminal is purchased outright then this software compliance fee will need to be paid via a monthly payment agreement.
The purpose of the software compliance fee is to ensure that the equipment remains compliant with existing and future software updates that are required by the Banks. These updates will be released by the equipment supplier from time to time and will be delivered and installed automatically over the customer’s internet connection.

SIM Agreements

If you require a SIM card for your Eftpos terminal (portable Eftpos, or as a backup for IP/Dial up), there will be a small monthly fee to be paid. The fee covers unlimited transactions via the GPRS network.
This can be added to your contract if renting Eftpos. If an Eftpos terminal is purchased outright then a separate contract will be put in place for the monthly SIM fee.