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Important Information – Manual Zip-zap Offline Vouchers (Eftpos)

As of July 31st 2018, manual offline vouchers processed via zip-zap machines will no longer be honoured by some banks. This is for Eftpos only. Credit cards and Visa/Mastercard debit cards will be processed as normal for the time being.

If you currently use a zip-zap machine for offline transactions, please contact your bank to confirm any changes.

Our terminals are capable of Electronic Offline Vouchers (EOV), which means you can process transactions (including Eftpos) through your terminal while in offline mode, and they will be uploaded to Paymark when connection is restored.

However, we highly recommend you contact TotalPOS if your terminal is in offline mode so we can rectify the situation. There are many reasons a terminal can resort to offline mode and it is important to get it back online ASAP.

A good starting point is to log on your terminal, if this comes back declined then contact us urgently.

03 3661090 – option 4 for our support team.


Here are some basic instructions on how to log on your terminal:


Press 4: logon key



Press the MENU button and scroll down to select SUPERVISOR MENU – press ENTER

Scroll down to select LOGON and press ENTER



If your Eftpos is integrated to your point of sale, please contact us for instruction.