totalpos solutions
  • What are the minimum requirements for Idealpos to run?

    • Windows: POS Ready 09/7, 7/8/8.1, 10 (32/64bit)
    • 2GB RAM and 30GB Free Hard Disk Space
    • POS Screen Resolution fixed to 1024×768 or 1280x800px
    • Internet Connection (licencing)
    • Data Backup Solution (cloud or local storage)

  • What version of Windows will Idealpos run on?

    Idealpos is compatible with many versions of windows, provided the hardware is also suitable.
    XP Pro SP3, WEPOS 1.1, POSReady 2009, POSReady 7, Vista 32/64, Win 7 32/64, Win 8/.1 32/64 and Win 10 32/64.
    Although Idealpos is able to be installed on older Windows versions, this does not mean it will run efficiently. Some versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and are therefore not recommended to be used.

  • Can I add additional modules later?

    As standard, Idealpos comes as a full-featured Point of Sale software product. You are able to enter stock items, perform stock control, create buttons, add peripherals and use the software for your business needs.
    Additional modules such as Restaurant, Integrated EFTPOS, Fuel Console and many more can all be added when you purchase the software, or at a later stage when you are more comfortable knowing exactly what you need.

  • How does online licensing work, and what if I don't have internet?

    Online Licences can be used for Perpetual or Annual (subscription) Licence methods.
    Online Licencing requires an Internet Connection. Every 4 hours, Idealpos will connect to the Licensing Server to reload its licence. If an internet connection is not available, Idealpos 7 will work without an internet connection for a maximum period of 7 days.
    Offline Licences will work without an Internet Connection for Annual Licences only. This licence type was designed for Customers who do not have an internet connection. Each year a file will need to be purchased from Idealpos to continue using the product.