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  • What does the error message on my Casio cash register display mean?

    Common Error Messages:
    E01 (Wrong mode) – this occurs when you have turned the key to a different position before finishing the previous transaction or operation. To correct this turn the key back to the mode you were previously in and finalise the transaction (usually by pressing ‘SUBTOTAL’).
    E10 (Printer error) – means that the paper roll has run out or that the printer mechanism has not been closed properly.
    The machine beeps when you are trying to enter a price but no error message is showing – this is probably because you are using the decimal point. If you want to sell an item for $3.00, enter 300 and press the relevant department key. Do not enter 3.00.

  • Can I link my Eftpos terminal to my Casio cash register?

    This depends on the model of your cash register and Eftpos terminal. To find out more about Eftpos linking, please contact us.

  • Where can I find a user manual for my Casio cash register?

    Please click here to download a user manual for your Casio cash register.

  • How do I change the time at daylight savings?

    Turn the key to PGM mode, press ‘1’ then ‘SUBTOTAL’.
    Input time in 24 hour system; (eg, 1358 for 1.58pm). Then press the ‘x/date time’ button.
    Press ‘C’ to end the setting.