Short term rentals

Total POS Solutions has a fleet of Casio cash registers, mobile eftpos terminals and fixed line eftpos terminals available for short term rental.  Unless you are a regular customer, we require you to collect rental equipment in person and to make payment (including a deposit to cover late return or any damage) in advance.  In most cases we do not rent short term outside the South Island however in cases involving long term and/or multiple terminals we may be able to help.
Rental equipment is supplied with spare paper rolls and free 24/7 phone support.

Short term rental cash registers are available in 2 levels:

Basic Cash Register

Can be programmed with up to 8 one-touch price buttons for speedy service.  Prices can also be entered at time of sale.  Cannot issue a GST receipt.  Will provide an end of day summary report.

Programmable Cash Register

Can be programmed with up to 30 items, each with its own description and price.  Prices can also be entered at time of sale.  Will issue a GST receipt (your business name, contact details, GST number) on demand.  Will issue an end of day report and summary sales for each item programmed.

We offer both fixed line and mobile eftpos rentals:

Fixed line eftpos terminal

This is a standard eftpos terminal which requires a power source and a phone line in order to operate.

Mobile eftpos terminal

These terminals use the Vodafone network to communicate and can operate wherever there is reliable cell phone coverage.  Our mobile eftpos rental prices include the cost of communications on this network. These terminals can operate on battery or mains power – if you are planning on using the battery please let us know in advance.

Please note that in order to use a rental eftpos terminal you will require a valid terminal ID.  If you do not have a terminal ID, please let us know at the time you book the terminal so we can help you obtain a temporary ID.