IdealPOS is a powerful and versatile PC Point of Sale system with a full suite of features for both hospitality and retail. It is extremely robust and reliable, while remaining fast and easy to learn for both operators and managers.

Among the many features of IdealPOS which make it ideal for a wide range of businesses are:

1. IdealPOS has all the features you might want built into it (customer loyalty, customer accounts, stock tracking, integrated eftpos, gift voucher tracking, and many more) so that even if you do not use all the features from the start, you can grow into the system over time.

2. Remote access and multi-site, so you can link different sites to share customer accounts, loyalty etc and you can access all sites remotely for reporting, price changes etc. So you can manage your business without having to be there all the time.

3. We provide full 24/7 support for IdealPOS. We have many sites outside Christchurch where we provide support over the internet – we can work on your system under your supervision without the delays and costs involved in travelling to your site.

4. Powerful reporting tools to help with improve profitability, identify and reduce fraud and manage stock.



5. IdealPOS is very easy for you to work with.  In most cases, you will not need our assistance to do the day to day things such as add new menus, change prices, set up discounts, re-arrange your screen layout, add new staff members and so on.

There are many more features in IdealPOS which will benefit your business. To learn more about these features please visit the IdealPOS website


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