Casio Cash Registers

Total POS Solutions is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Casio cash registers for Christchurch, mid and north Canterbury and Westland.

Casio is New Zealand’s leading cash register brand by far, thanks to:

  • Advanced features for all types of businesses
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Ease of use for operators and managers
  • Specialised features for the NZ market such as rounding to 10 cents with the option to round 5 cents up or down

We stock the full range of Casio cash registers and have them set up in our showroom with demonstration programs so we can help you choose the correct model for your needs.

To make menu and price changes even easier on your Casio cash register or touchscreen system, we recommend Astute TillManager, a software package developed in New Zealand specifically for Casio.  In addition to speeding up the process of adding new items and changing prices, TillManager can automatically collect daily report data from each of your Casio cash registers or touchscreens, allowing you to do detailed analysis and historical comparisons using your sales data.  For further information please contact us,  visit the Astute Software site or click here for a TillManager brochure.

Basic Models

Low cost, GST receipts, limited functionality


Entry level register for small businesses with a small drawer holding limited volumes of coins & notes.

  • Small size drawer, dimensions 33 cm wide, 36 cm front to back
  • Thermal Printer
  • Custom Receipt or journal option
  • 8 Pre open departments
  • Simple & easy-to-use
  • Daily reporting

Entry level register for small businesses who deal with larger volumes of coins & notes.

    • Standard size drawer
    • Thermal printer
    • Custom receipt or journal option
    • 8 open departments
    • Simple & easy-to-use
    • Daily reporting

Designed for small businesses who wish to have a detailed receipt option.

  • 1 to 12 Department capability
  • 5 line address & GST receipt
  • Sale item detailed on receipt
  • Post receipt function (receipts can be printed when required, saving paper)
  • Easy-load thermal paper
  • Electronic journal.  Allows receipt printing during opening hours with a copy of the journal tape able to be printed at the end of the day.
  • Help function


Entry-Level Models

Value for money cash registers with GST receipts, ability to interface directly to an eftpos terminal, and some customisable features:


CASIO SES-400 and SES-3000 (2 printer model)

Ideal for small retail businesses, schools, libraries.

    • Large LCD display screen
    • Customer LCD display
    • Twin thermal printer, receipt and journal
    • 25 one-touch Item/Department buttons (SES-400) or 30 buttons (SES-3000)
    • Up to 3000 PLUs (SES-400) or 7000 PLUs (SES-3000)
    • Clerk control
    • 5 line customised receipt
    • Graphic logo receipt option
    • Sale item detail on receipt
    • Post receipt function
    • Programming software available


CASIO SEC-450 and SEC-3500 (2 printer model)

Ideal for smaller hospitality businesses.

  • Large LCD display
  • Customer LCD display
  • Single thermal printer
  • 72 one-touch Item buttons,
  • Up to 3000 PLUs (SEC-450) or 7000 PLUs (SEC-3500)
  • Up to 25 department keys (SEC-450) or 30 department keys (SEC-3500)
  • Clerk control
  • 5 line customised receipt
  • Graphic logo receipt option
  • Sale item detail on receipt
  • Post receipt function
  • Programming software available
  • Electronic Journal (option – 2 printer model available)
  • SD card backup option


Mid-Range Models

Tills with more advanced features such as eftpos interfacing, table tracking and barcode scanning:


Casio TE2200  and TE2400 

Mid-range cash registers which can be configured specifically for hospitality or general retail use.


  • Colour LCD operator display
  • Up to 50 Items on keypad
  • Sale items detailed on receipts
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reporting
  • Post receipt function
  • Handy speed payment keys


  • Up to 42 One-touch Item/Department buttons
  • Up to 5000 scan items available
  • 99 Clerks


  • Up to 72 one-touch items
  • Table-tracking
  • Table splitting by item
  • External kitchen printer option
  • Happy-hour or lunch/dinner option






FREE User Manuals for current and older model Casio Cash Registers